Our approach to SDGs

Vision Consulting will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society, which is the goal of the SDGs. This is achieved through business activities under our mission of "making the world a better by innovation".

What are SDGs?

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are international goals aiming for sustainable and better world by 2030.It is listed in the “2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” adopted by the UN Summit in September 2015 as a successor to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) established in 2001.The SDGs consist of 17 goals and 169 targets, and pledge to "leave no one behind" on the planet. The SDGs are universal goals that are addressed not only by developing countries but also by developed countries themselves, and Japan is actively adopting it.

What is the SDGs? | JAPAN SDGs Action Platform | Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

Our approach to SDGs

Implementation of social security ICT systems for Southeast Asia

We are working to reduce poverty and disparities in Southeast Asia by implementing social security ICT system.We will continue to provide support for the refurbishment of business applications in response to legislative amendments caused by economic trends and demographic changes.

Employees' health management

We have significantly low overtime rate in the consulting industry (average monthly overtime of 20 hours). We aim to achieve a great work-life balance. In particular, we have succeeded in promoting and realizing a healthy work style through our own health training (sleep, diet, mindfulness, etc.). Executive-led work style reform, and efforts to reduce overtime.

Implementation of Adaptive Learning with Edtech

Through our unique and diverse training and data-based education programs (e.g., "All Employee Instructor," "One-on-One Training," and "Adaptive Learning"), we are actively working to produce talents who can work and adapt to any environment.

Unique talent discovery and education systems

Vision Consulting promotes an environment where you can engage in work that contributes to your personal and economic growth regardless of your age or gender.

For example, we offer career and skill development programs for empoyees with no experience in the consulting industry. We also promote employees to overseas and regional branch managers after one or two years of graduation.

We believe that every human being has potential, and we are working to contribute to economic growth by developing that potential.

Renewal of the power system for energy savings

We contribute to the development of a sustainable society by supporting the renewal of the power management system.Specifically, we aim to improve energy efficiency through high- and low-voltage integration and stable energy supply by integrating related systems.

Technological innovation and environmental protection through proprietary systems

Utilizing the knowledge we have gained in the IT and consulting industries, we are enthusiastically working on the development of new technologies and services that will become an industrial infrastructure. Our services range from the development of a digital matching platform which solve the shortage of IT experts to a remote interviewing and hiring system that helps to recuruit staffs safely even during the pandemic.We are also promoting in-house use of the system, and have succeeded in promotion of eco-firiendly work style such as reducing paper work in several departments such as sales and HR.

Promoting the creation of the next-generation offices and towns

We are providing safe and convenient workplaces for vulnerable people by supporting the creation of next-generation offices combining futuristic IT technologies (AI/IoT, etc.). We will continue to develop smart buildings that meet the needs of users and tenants, and help promote inclusive and sustainable urbanization.